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Windevo wind turbine operator

Windevo is a new wind turbine operator. The Group was formed in the summer of 2018 when the operational assets previously held by the Aligera Group were purchased from Aligera’s bankruptcy estate.

We operate 16 wind turbines in southern Sweden, most of which are located in the area just south of Kalmar as well as in western Sweden. The bankruptcy of Aligera was preceded by a long period of insufficient maintenance and service. Our main challenge today is to quickly restore our turbines to the best possible condition. This important work is progressing quickly, and the availability of the turbines increase every month. Unlike the predecessor Aligera, Windevo has a very strong financial position already from the outset, with sufficient funds being budgeted for the continued repair work. We expect our ongoing upgrades to be completed until summer 2019. By then, we will have one of the best-maintained and perhaps most interesting wind power operations in southern Sweden.

In parallel with the process of refining our existing business, we are actively looking for turbines or wind farms in southern Sweden, that potentially could be acquired to complement our existing operations.