About us

Windevo currently operates 16 wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 40.5 MW. A normal year with good availability, we expect these turbines to produce about 70 – 80 GWh. However, production during our first 12 months of operation will continue to be characterized by repairs and upgrades, and therefore less than this volume.

Today we run our business with very low fixed costs. We have very few employees, as most functions are outsourced. For service, upgrades and maintenance, we cooperate closely with German service supplier Förde Windwerke GmbH, who are experts in several of our specific turbine models, and has extensive experience from the European market.

Our owners today mainly consist of former holders of bonds previously issued by the Aligera Group before the bankruptcy – primarily a number of Swedish and foreign funds and other types of asset managers.

Directors in our Board are Håkan Dorm (Chairman), Kajsa Hedberg and Werner Heer, who together have many years of experience from both the wind power industry and the capital market. Our CEO is Claes Jonson, with many years of experience from challenging restructuring assignments.

Wind power - sustainable and commercially viable renewable energy.