In connection with Windevo’s acquisition of assets from the former Aligera Group’s bankruptcy estate, the company issued two bonds totaling SEK 100 million, split into three tranches (ISIN numbers SE0011337146, SE0011337153 and SE0011337120), as well as a subordinated convertible loan of SEK 150 million (ISIN SE0011337138).

I November 2021, a comprehensive financial restructuring was executed, aiming to extend the current financing from existing investors, restructure the balance sheet as well as securing access to sufficient liquidity. Today, the issued debt of the Group consist of:

  • Super-Senior Secured Callable Fixed Rate Bond; nominal value SEK 21.5 million, 7,5% coupon and due date May 31, 2023 (ISIN SE0016589139)
  • Senior Secured Callable PIK Bond; nominal value SEK 56 million, 9.5% PIK interest and due date November 30, 2023 (ISIN SE0016589121)
  • Junior Unsecured Zero Coupon Bond; a hybrid instrument booked as equity, with nominal value of SEK 80 million, with no interest and due date in year 2104 (ISIN SE0016589147).
  • Convertible Loan; a majority of the existing convertible loan was converted into equity in the restructuring, but SEK 21 million remains as convertible debt on balance (ISIN SE0011337138).

Bondholders or other interested parties should contact our CEO Claes Jonson by emailing, for log-in instructions to our Investor Relations pages, where reports, loan documentation and other relevant documents can be downloaded.


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